I need help Finding movies?

So I have to find movies that showcase people fending for them selves, they lack morals and laws. An example is lord of the flies but I can't use that one for my assignment. Help please


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  • Omega Man
    I am Legend (remake of Omega Man)
    The Quiet Earth
    "Time Enough At Last" episode of The Twilight Zone.

    This should help:

    What EXACTLY is your assignment though?

    • Take any example from literature/film/pop culture that depicts what human beings are like in absence of rules and law/civilization (i. e. you can be imaginative in what you select, i. e. natural disaster films, end of world films so long as you explain how they depict human behavior in the absence of laws, society; don’t simply focus on retelling the story/plot— rather focus on those features similar and different to Hobbes’ position-- Do Not Choose Lord of the Flies!!!) and Compare it to Hobbes’s State of nature. How is your example similar to and different from what Hobbes says and does your example offer any solutions as to how to deal with these ‘state of nature’ scenarios? Is it a better way than what Hobbes suggests in solving problems (in leaving the state of nature)?

    • Cast Away

    • Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price. I believe Omega Man is a remake of this...


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  • Caligula - lack morals for sure. Maybe you can also use some series as an example like Magnificent Century - shows how people fight for the power and authority without resistance.


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  • The Road

  • The outsiders maybe.