Any automotive technicians out there?

I'm interested in becoming one and was just wondering what hours/days in a week you work and what your yearly income is after taxes? Thanks.


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  • Pay starts out on lower side depending upon place and state... some get paid by the job for hours it takes = pay.. some are salary some are hourly depends where you work... my man is a diesel mechanic makes $20 a hour been at the conpany 2 1/2 years and we are in the midwest


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  • Usually 40 hour weeks,

    Most shops are open Monday -Saturday, so you could work any if those days...

    Salary will suck until you get your certificate,

    Maybe min wadge-$15 an hour for the first 3-4 years while getting experience and school...

    After you are certified you should make at least $25-30 an hour

    • I'm not an expert, and it's different depending on where you live... You should call up a local school and go to class for a day, a lot of colleges will let you do that.