Bored out of my mind writing this paper. Any fellow night owls out there willing to chat about movies or something?

I'm kind of afraid of what kind of responses I'm going to receive from this question (particularly any ones that misunderstand this post, and because this is the Internet), but I'm willing to take the risk because I'm genuinely trying to stay awake while I work on this paper, and it helps me to talk about simple topics like hobbies and interests while I'm simultaneously working on boring or mundane tasks. Most of my friends are currently blessed with having normal work life patterns and are currently asleep, lol. Anyone out there up for small talk?

Marvel/DC Comics, baseball, movies... what you did last summer? Anything really, as long as it's lighthearted.

Thank you all so much to those who conversed a while!! It was super helpful!! Finished the paper!


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  • What do you think, did Batman vs Superman deserve the hate it got? Especially the final Martha scene? I don't think it did.

    • Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BEFORE I answer this question, let me ask you this—do you consider yourself a die-hard traditionalist-type of DC fan, or you're the type of comic book fan that's willing to forgive a lot of things? Lol.

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    • Dang. Wish I could get some good sleep in and then wake up at such a wonderful hour, lol.

    • What tasks are you working on, if I may ask?

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  • Sure. I can't sleep either. I'm studying for French class tomorrow.

    • Omg. That's one of my favorite languages. How long have you been studying it? Once I'm done with my current program, French is one of 5 languages I'd like to revisit the books to learn, so to speak, and brush up on.

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    • Yup! You got me through the last leg of my paper! The least I could do was offer up some digital thanks. Lol.

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  • Do your homework , quit jerking off lol

    • Well, guess I've got psychic powers after all, seeing as I foresaw a response like this happening, lol. Sigh.

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  • Whats the scariest movie you have ever seen

    • Oh god... I don't know. I usually steer clear from horror movies because they're definitely not my thing. There were a few child traumas though that made me realize that, lol. Friday the 13th and Halloween terrified me when I was a kid, also this movie where the kids were put in bunny costumes and one of the girls' fathers had his face ripped off? And then there's the Final Destination series... man, I shudder even vaguely remembering these. Oh and the one with the Candy Man?

      How about you?

    • Candyman scared the scrap outta me !!! But as of now I think sinister mocies are scary... how bout comedy movies

    • Have you see either of the Blair Witch movies? Never seen the first one, but I heard it was scary. Wondering if anyone who's seen the reboot (or is it technically a sequel? I don't know, I Wiki scary movies since people write spoilers for them now LOL, so satisfying curiosity without the visual trauma) finds it as scary as the original.

      Yesssss comedies. Now THAT'S my jam, lol. So my humor code is lame humor all the way. I like most comedies where Ice Cube is in it, something about how cranky his character are amuses me. Or Rush Hour... or certain Owen Wilson movies. I also enjoyed We're the Millers. Man, so many to list. Can't think of them all off the top of my head. Also, this isn't really a movie, but I love watching Jimmy Fallon. That man gets me. Lmao.

      Got any favorites?

  • What major are you in?

    • Omgggg I'm so sorry! I'm about to log off now. Maybe one of the other people chatting here might still be able to converse on this topic?

      At the very least though, I can answer your question before I log off. I'm studying law.

    • No problemo
      Gd lck ^^

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