Is drama a necessity?

Is having some drama necessary in life? does it mean that you are living life, and having no drama means you aren't living life to the fullest?

In my teenage years, of course I had unecessary drama. Usually revolving around boys, or friends, the usual for most teenagers.

But now as an adult, I just have no tolerance for those kind of things. I hate confrontation and I avoid it until i feel the need to speak my mind. I dont feel like i have a lot of drama in my life. those around me do, and if it doesn't involve me, I dont feel the need to get involved. Im just there to listen to their problems and provide insight if it's asked for. I feel like i have a pretty calm life. I am pretty honest, and i dont like to tell lies. the only things i tend to lie about is when i am holding other people's secrets. its none of my business to tell. i dont like to fight with friends. if something bothers me, i will tell them. if i dont like someone, i probably won't talk to them unless i have to. if i have to, it must because of work or school, just to keep it professional. im sure there's people who dont like me too. they have their reasons. i am ok with that. i dont really care. its rare, but i do get mad at people once in a while. i usually get over it right away. the most i've ever stayed mad at someone was about a week or two. it was a work issue. i do have a temper. but i dont let my feelings take control of me and say or do something i know i will regret later.

i dont seem to care about a lot of things. im just worried about school and work, and enjoying myself, and succeeding in life. but at the same time, i am wondering if maybe i do need drama in my life? is it necessary? am i not living my life to the fullest? it just sounds so tedious though. i dont feel like i have the patience to start problems. i have better things to worry about.

is drama necessary in life? or is it overblown?


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  • We are actually pretty close in personality.

    No, you don't need drama in your life, there are people that look for it and want it cause they want to feel they are the main protagonist of their lives and no one is more important than themselves.
    A peaceful and happy life is a good one, not for everyone it seems, but for someone that like peace, it is.


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  • It seems like you want drama or excitement which can both come in at the same time. It's not necessary, nothing's necessary.

    • No i dont want drama. In fact i dont have any in my life. Its the people around me that do. I always hear about it so it just had me wondering if it means im not livint my life to the fullest. I feel fine without. It was just a thought.

    • You don't have to be around their drama. Live your life that doesn't revolve around it, it's easy ♥️

    • Thanks for the mho💞

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  • You are so right there is so much drama that people often miss when there is real drama in a person's life.

  • Is it necessary? No, but it happens anyway


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