Do you dislike people that hate everything that sticks out of the norm?

For example criticizing a 70 year old guy, who dresses like a 20 year old guy.

Really... I don't understand them.

Those people who stick out of the norm, make the world interesting. Otherwise world would be very boring, if anyone was behaving the same way.

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  • I really appreciate seeing old man and women dressing in alternative less common ways, maybe like teens, why not? I find it funny.

    I don't understand girls that criticise 50 yo women just because they are using "young cloths" like leggings or skirts.

    • Those girls are usually jealous , because those 50 year old women have better skin than them.

    • Well, but, with better or worse skin... they should be able to feel happy with any cloths. It's not a thing we need to lose time criticising.

    • Glad to help.

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  • I agree with you - It is peoples' uniqueness that makes the world interesting