Why do u want to be rich?

This is a serious question. Why do u want/dream about being rich? Be honest to yourself.. what are your motives?
what do u want and why


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  • To buy lots of fun (travel around the world)
    To help my family members who need money.

    But the thing is, when u are rich u actually have no time to make urself happy, at least enjoy the fun time. U just either have no time or no energy.

    • Why don't you have time? Let's say u inherit it from your parents

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  • I don't...

    • Good. Are u happy?

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    • Charity always starts at home... I'm typically generous with my friends and family first... I've volunteered my time for things like disease research, habitat for humanity, planting trees, food drives for poor people, and stuff like that... I don't tend to just write checks to random organizations though.

    • Okay thank you for the insight

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  • I want to rule the world.

    • So I can own a wonderful cave of my own to retire to.
      I've always wanted to become that tiny old Asian lady who shoo kids away from her cave with her walking stick. Hehe... T//T is it too much to ask for?

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  • Because in this world being rich is the only way to be free.
    I mean sure, I could go and hide in one of the national parks with a billy and a sleeping bag but there's no comfort in that and I would probably end up being bitten by a poisonous snake or spider and die.
    So the only way to be free of major obligation and be comfortable in this world is to be rich and that is what I want in life. To be free of major obligation and be comfortable therefore I want to be rich.

    • Would u hang out with your old friends or get some new rich ones? Or would u just travel around without getting to know other people on a deeper level?

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    • Are u close with them?

    • No not really

  • Aside from the money is get to spend selfishly on myself?
    I'd be able to pay off debts. Not just mine but those of others close to me.
    Money can also goes a long way in helping the less fortunate.

    • Yes but why would u spend it on yourself? To get more attention from others or to have people admire you for your money?
      Would u waste it if u had more money than u could ever spend?

    • I'd spend it on myself to enjoy myseld, do things I couldn't do otherwise. I wouldn't want attention.

    • Sounds legit. thanks for the insight

  • To be safe and look after those I love, to go and see places, to save lives,

    • Haha this planet could need some rich people who behave like you

  • To attract girls