What do you think of Beauty Pageant Girls?

I love competing in Beauty Pageants, however I never tell people that because I'm always afraid people will think I'm shallow and a bitch. I've met some of the kindest and smartest girls during my competitions, and it's something I truly love to do. What do you think of girls who do beauty pageants?


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  • I wouldn't think shallow or bitch, its more about how you behave. I really appreciate women that appreciate other women's beauty (selflessness).

    As long as girls get along and play well together I like it. when they treat each other badly or are "caddy", I don't.

    It says a lot about the sexes... women have beauty pageants, men... weight lifting/muscles. LOL.

  • We should be fair here, if theere are competition to see who eat more, why not related with appearence? It's just that, contests, open to is interested on the topic.

    So i respect that activity. Win that shit !

    • "shit" not on a negative way, offcourse.

    • But i don't like the ones related with children because that disturts them while growing.

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