How do you deal with the constant flow of violent and evil thoughts?

Be honest! Everyone has them! You think about knocking the shit out of your kids, spouse, partner, boss... etc. You think about the weapons you would like to use... the kind of poison, boiling oil, biological agent... It's all in your mind, right? So, how do you keep these thoughts from becoming reality?


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  • Well, just think about how life in prison would be if we acted on those thoughts. Works for me.


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  • Venlafaxine and Strattera. Good shit :)

  • My thoughts aren't of the "evil" kind.

    They're more a general wondering like "What would happened if I beat the shit out of this guy right now?" or "What if I tried to open this plane's emergency exit mid flight?".

    Obviously, I know that the consequences would be terrible, so I just brush them aside.