How to take things in your stride?

When an overly bad situation comes along, I find it hard to deal with. I think about it a lot more than I'd like to and let myself get upset over it. I really hate this about myself. Anyone got any advice on how I can learn to deal with things better, stop dwelling on it, and basically just keep a positive attitude even when things get a bit shit?


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  • what situation? work related. Just keep going, make an effort to thing what or how can you improve on things.

  • You just gotta roll with punches and a lot of people do this not just you lol @StolenUsername can you pm me tho your beautiful lol just saying

    • What does it mean to roll with punches? lol

    • Lol just take the pain of the bad situation and use it as a lesson, lots of bad things happen to people, try not to think everything's your fault and feel like somethings wrong with you. Just try to look at things as experience and learn and gain what you can from it.

  • Umm
    Take a deep breath
    And say "fuck off idc"
    Results are impressive

    • XD
      it works for a while because that's a way of blocking it out temporarily, but then the thoughts come back again grrr

    • Then you have to be awesome like me
      It's hard but not impossible
      So you better start practicing from now onwards

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