I'm depressed, I'm not good enough, what do I do?

I keep thinking things like these. I'm ugly and I'll probably be alone forever, no man will ever love me. My body is probably disgusting, my ass is kind of flat almost. I'm trying to work on that, but no matter what I do I will always feel ugly. That I'll die alone. All these other girls are so much prettier than me, and I'm kind of upset over that.


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  • people on the planet I have seen a guy who like girls to be fat and makes her eat as much as she can so she could be the worlds fatest girl. just be yourself and keep beliving and never give up. I dont like big buts so its not something a girl need to have


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  • It really, really takes awhile to get our bodies to transform. I myself, don't really have a butt either, and it can be a really downer when you see very toned women who have successfully motivated themselves for that long enough to make it happen. Most women don't just wake up or are born with a big butt; they work for it.

    So, you're ugly, you'll be alone forever, no man will want you, your body is disgusting, and you'll die alone. With THIS kind of attitude, it is no wonder you feel the way you do. And you have to be careful with words like that becuase you could end up living that life if you're not careful. You gotta stop putting yourself down and instead, do something different. What is that difference? How about loving yourself regardless? How about encouraging yourself? How about looking into educating yourself more about the things you're trying to change, such as there are many different ways you can tone the butt. Or maybe there's a certain hairstyle or color, or the length of it that can make you look better. For example, sometimes I look older or not very flattering if my hair is down in a certain way. I look WAY older with makeup on and therefore, I do not wear it anymore (never was a makeup person anyway). So do these different things becuase feeling sorry for yourself isn't working and won't make a difference.

    Honestly, you're not here on earth to impress anyone, and there IS no one to impress. This is YOUR life. You live it for yourself. There will always be prettier girls no matter what, even if you're drop-dead gorgeous. There's just always going to be somebody else that surprises you with how they look. I would know becuase I go through it all the time. Just when I thought I saw that one girl that was absolutely gorgeous, a couple of months or years later, it was a different girl.

    Keep on going with whatever changes you're trying to do. You can't see change overnight, it is over the course of months, maybe even a few weeks if you do it correctly.


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  • It's normal to question yourself. But I can guarantee you that no matter what you look like, no matter how flat you ass is or how disgusting you think you are, someone thinks you're the most beautiful girl in the world.


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  • That is exactly how I felt
    @txdiie knows all about that.
    I liked someone and long story short, he didn't like me. I wasn't really depressed, but it felt like it. Everyone saw something was wrong with me. I too also feel like I'm too skinny, no butt or anything.

    But these days I'm doing so much better. If you are feeling this way because of a guy, then don't bother about him. If you feel you aren't pretty enough, think about the things that you can do that no-one else can. Remove yourself from the situations that make you feel like a loser.
    I know this is easier said than done, but once you get yourself feeling better, it will be so much easier.
    Good luck and keep smiling!

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