Is a size 15 shoe big for a 6'2" dude?

I can sometimes fit into a size 14, but more often than not, I have size 15 feet.


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  • Even if some people say it's too big, what are you really going to do about it?

    If your feet are a size 15, then they are a size 15. Rather than hurting your feet by smooshing them into shoes which are too small, buy the correct size. You need your feet for life, it's best to keep them happy.

    Anyone who is going to judge you on your size of feet isn't really someone you should hang around with anyway.

    • Thanks, but u completely misunderstood. When I said I can sometimes fit into 14s, I meant that in a few brands, I can wear 14s, like Converse Chucks for example. I actually like having big feet, so no desire to wear smaller shoes than I need, and nobody judges me. In fact, some girls think it's cool and masculine. I only asked the question to see if anyone thought that was big for my height.

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  • Definitely. I'm 6'2 and wear a 13, and those are big. Is it a pain in the ass getting shoes? It's hard for me to get 13s in the style I want a lot of the time. Not sure I usually see 15s in stores. Probably fairly easy over the Internet though👍

    • Nah, not so much these days. My college town is not real far away, and they have places that carry my size. I think dudes my age and younger have bigger feet these days, so it's not that unusual in a college town. I can also go on Eastbay, Ebay, etc. But yeah, the variety is not always there.

  • I'm a similar height and I rock size 9-10 shoes.
    So I guess that's pretty big.

    I believe different countries follow a different show size metric. Regardless it's similar.

    • Damn bro, I haven't worn a 9 since like 6th grade.