If you don't show up to a h. s. reunion, do they assume you're dead, in the hospital, or have moved?

Coming up on my 10 year reunion (if they wind up having one). not sure if i want to go. im jobless, still living with my parents, and single. im 27. i recently had a surgery, that basically saved my life, and changed it as well. i suffer from a disease in my intestine that caused me not to be able to poop, normally. i had an operation that now allows me to poop, called an ileostomy. i have to go in the hospital again, so they can cut out the dead part of my intestine (why i couldn't poop in the first place). I didn't know i had this disease for all 27 years I've been alive until recently. it prevented me from doing many things, including getting and keeping a job (i was always in pain/discomfort and calling off) getting a girlfriend, since girls are probably going to be turned off by a guy who couldn't poop, and from doing things like sports in h. s. (did them earlier in my life but didn't dare to try them in h. s.).

im on the road to recovery, even though i have to go back in anyway butttt, if they do have a reunion next year (10 years), then, should i even bother to show up?

p. s. i was not popular. the people i still talk to, were my h. s. friends


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  • Nah don't go. Honestly they're nothing important. It's not like it's a wedding and the other people are probably wondering if they should really go anyways. Do you really care what all the people that you never talk to, and never did talk to are doing nowadays? Do you think that they care what's new with you? They didn't in a high school and they probably won't now! And if your uncomfortable in going, that's another red flag !

  • Personally, I wouldn't assume the worst. I'd just assume the person didn't want to go or didn't have time due to work or family commitments

    I never went to my school reunion , because the close friends I had at school... I still see , and have regular contact with them. I'm not interested in meeting up with people from my past if I wasn't really friends with them


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  • I haven't been to any. From what I've heard they are best if you go with friends, or know they will be there.

    Also, with this being your 10 year, they might not be playing one-upmanship as much as the five year. I've heard at the five year there are too many people trying to act cool and bragging, but they chill at the later ones.

    Asking about jobs is common small talk. You can always say you've had serious medical problems that kept you from working, but things are getting better now. There is no need to go into detail. Most people won't pry.

    I would certainly not let your medical issues or job situation keep you from going if you want.

    • i think in the long run, i won't go, just because most of the people i knew, i still talk to butttt, like, there are some people that would be interesting to see what happened to, ya know. i mean, you went to school with them your whole life essentially. Why wouldn't you want to know?

    • It might have been a bit different with me. I left town immediately after I graduated, like a week or so after. I traveled a lot, then left for out-of-state college in the fall. So I lost track of everyone but my best friends right from the start.

      I ended up moving back later, but I had lost interest in any of those people, except the ones I had stayed in contact with. Although on the rare occasions I meet someone from HS, it's cool to see them and find out what they are up to. But that's one-on-one with someone I know well. A group setting with a bunch of people I don't know well would be awkward.

      If you don't go now, you'll still have a lot more chances. My mom graduated in 1938 and she still gets reunion notices. Although it's a group reunion for anyone before 1940.

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