Girls, Not enough facial hairs, girls, do you find it odd and bit girlie?

I don't get enough facial hairs, at the maximum I can get that too after I don't shave for 20/25 days is bit of moustache anc chin hairs. Even that's not proper dense.

Obviously I have bare skin on most of my body.
The only hairs that's coarse and visible is on my lower legs and inner thighs apart from the groin and pits.

I want to be manly man with facial and body hairs chest and all :/


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  • Doesn't bug me. Some guys just don't grow hair there as well. No big deal.

    • So sweet of you girls.
      Are you that type of girl who doesn't care about anything, so even lot of hairs and no hairs both are good?
      I hope not

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    • Someone that doesn't care of himself, someone that is lazy overall, rudeness, etc...

    • Doesn't care about himself at all.. in what sense?

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  • I don't care about your physical appearance

    • Ugh
      Asif I do about yours

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    • Lack of hairs doesn't bother.. that's cool. Presence of excess hairiness does bother?

    • I personally prefer less hair than overly hair.