Funny, interesting forms of contraception ideas?

Hey guys! I have a health project, and the teacher wants us to come up with a form of contraception (one that doesn't already exist). This can be anything!! An example was something that vacuumed the sperm after they are released. I thought of something called Banana Cream Pie, in where you eat a pie and it dissolves the sperm. They have to be FUNNY and does not have to be possible to create. Also I would prefer if it was funny but not offensive in any way or too embarrassing to present to class (not too much of the sex talk)! AND the product you come up with needs to have a catchy name!!


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  • its really a project?

    • Yeah I'm not even kidding. We have to present it like it's on "Shark Tank"

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    • follow me , i would like to talk in messages

    • Okay

  • Dildo with an auto-washing spermicide?

  • How about the Exsperminator. It's smart nanotechnology in the form of a nanomachine that you keep in your uterus. It attracts sperm the same way eggs do, only it kills them on contact. And there is also the complimentary Eggsterminator unit which searches for eggs as your ovaries release them. They, too, are destroyed in this belt-and-suspenders approach to birth control

    Is this what you mean or are there too many words that will make you giggle? :) Now start doing your own homework!

    • That's absolutely hilarious, I love it!! Thank you so much :)

    • You're welcome!

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