Why do parents use the "I didn't know what else to do to help him/her" as an excuse for having their suicidal child locked up in a mental hospital?

Why does the other option (learning to let go) never occur to them?


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  • Because they have a vested interest, both biological and financial, in you outliving them.


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  • That's not an option for them.

    • Yeah it is.

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    • Actually it is; it's their right until you turn 18 years old.

      Was that the first time they attempted to call the police on you?

    • Yes, they did it because I refused to go.

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  • Only anothet patent can fully understand the love a parent feels for their child. No parent I know would ever "let go" and surrender their child to depression.

    Depression is a temporary problem. Suicide is permanent.

    • But if the child is old enough to understand what death is, then it's the child's choice to make and it is nothing but selfish and cowardly for them to commit their child to a mental hospital.

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    • I feel sorry for you and for them.

      I hope you can conquer your demons, or at least put them at bay, and reestablish a relationship with your parents.

      I imagine all these events have been very hard on you, and on them. My heart goes out to you and them.

    • No, calling the police when I refused to go and drag me away in handcuffs seemed pretty easy. And all it ended up doing was making my depression worse and leaving me with PTSD. All I can say is I hope that they're proud of themselves. But it doesn't really matter because my mom will probably be dead by the end of the year.

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