I plan to make a desk but not sure what kind of wood I should use any ideas color dosent matter because if I don't like it I will paint/stain it?

Ps it will look kinda like this I plan to make a desk but not sure what kind of wood I should use any ideas color dosent matter because if I don't like it I will paint/stain it ?


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  • I made mine out of plywood. That's the cheap route. A clean plywood, with more plies will be better than the cheap stuff. It takes a stain, but you might want to use some kind of trim for the edges where the plies show. (something like a quarter round or half round)

    The next step up would be pine, with a clean knot-free pine being more expensive than a standard grade pine. Pine will hold a variety of stains, so you have a choice of finish colors.

    For a hardwood, probably something like Beech. It's probably the cheapest hardwood available, and should take a stain well.

    Getting more expensive really depends on your taste and budget. Cherry, walnut, oak (white or red), maple, other fruit woods besides cherry (apple, pear, etc). They will all take a stain, but some stains will work better than others depending on the wood.

    If you are going to paint it, then just get the cheap wood. No use getting expensive hardwood if you are going to paint over it.

    If you are going to have handles and locks like in the picture, then plywood might not be the best. It could still be used for all the desk, but use something else for the fronts.

    • I don't think I plan to make it out of plywood mostly because I plan to have it for a while and I haven't had a desk sence I was 7 so I thought it be nice to keep my stuff at so it's not just in boxes and piles in my room

    • Not trying to talk you into anything, but just so you know... mine is all plywood and it's 25 years old. It's in just as good a shape as when I built it.

      There is more to plywood than just being cheaper. It's more size stable than solid boards. It's made with laminates with the grains crossing at right angles. This gives it a lot of stability. Solid boards are far more likely to warp and cup over time.

      Also with solid boards, you won't be able to buy sizes nearly that large in a single piece, unless you are willing to pay a fortune, and probably special order it. For example that top will require at least three pieces be put together (probably using dowels). It might require as many as 5-6 pieces depending on how deep it is and how wide the board is.

      Do you have any kind of budget for this?

    • It doesn't really matter anymore anyway because I'm not going to build a desk anymore

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  • It depends on your budget. Oak would be among the sturdiest but also among the most expensive, and also hard to work with (or so I've heard, being that I tend to stick with soft woods). Just doing some preliminary checking it seems that some types of hardwood need a lot of finishing to get a flat surface.

    Soft woods tend to be cheaper (as long as you stick with the stuff produced in your own country as imports are often more expensive) but if you're looking for something to write on you'll need a blotter between the paper and the wood to avoid etching.

    For a design like that I would probably recommend ash. Full disclosure, it's the only wood I have experience with but I don't make furniture so take my advice with a grain or two of salt.


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  • What colors do you like? I mean if I were to make a desk I'd make it right with like cherry but if you want something cheap and fast go with a finished plywood so you can paint it.


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  • My suggestions would be; black cherry, wild cherry, black walnut or chestnut. They might be a bit pricey but you'll most likely want to keep it for life and hand it down to your offspring some day. Oak is sturdy too and relatively inexpensive at least red oak is.

    • I don't even think I'd have children unless I adopt or went to doner

    • You never know what your future holds. I'm a firm believer if you think it's worth building in the first place it's worth building it to last a lifetime.

    • yah i agree with that

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