Am I doing something wrong by doing an internship?

I already graduated, but I had very little work experience. I only had a job I did at school.

So after graduating I'm an intern and I'm not sure if that's embarrassing.


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  • It's fine if you don't have the resume to get an actual job, but just think about why you are doing it. It's basically working for less than you're worth, so it has to benefit you by making your resume stronger for it to be worth it. So it might be a good idea, many internships lead to them hiring you. If you do it, just make sure when they hire you they pay you a fair rate. Look up the rate for your position and location online, and if they try to pay a lot less because you're new, go somewhere else.

    • I'm not getting paid. It's an unpaid internship.

      The thing is, right now it's not like I have a full-time job. I am applying to various places, but nothing has clicked so far.

      I figured I might be behind for a few months, but maybe in January something might work out.

      It does bother me sometimes that I have no pay for what I'm doing, but I'm a hard-working person and wouldn't mind working hard if it leads to another job I might really like

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    • I can't really tell if she was being rude honestly, I feel like I would have to be there. But I'm leaning towards saying you are reading into it too much and she isn't intentionally trying to be rude.

      If I were you I would probably just finish the internship for the next few months but then look for permanently employment somewhere else. And I wouldn't even wait until I was done with the internship, I would probably just start applying now and do phone screens for practice, and if an actual job comes out of it then cool I can just left the internship. If not, it was good practice.

    • Like maybe she isn't being rude, but either way it sounds like you just aren't feeling it, so that's why I say look somewhere else for the permanent job.

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  • No that's a good thing to do to.

    • Yeah. It's just... it's not paid, and I am wary that I'm working as a graduate of a great program, at a job which may not value the work I put in.

      But hopefully it works out.

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  • I have few intern on my company and is great for experience so you can easily catch up on another job later on.

  • Internships are always great, I did that too and I have much experience right now ;)

    • The thing is, I think part of the reason I'm not getting a full-time position is lack of experience so I figured I might as well complete an internship. But it's unpaid and it does make me wonder if this is all going to be worth it

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