I am annoyed I have to work with someone I'm way smarter than?

Not sure how to be more calm around her.

If she realizes I look down on her and think I'm better than her, we could have a problem.


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  • I've been in that situation. I used to set her up on purpose to give a wrong answer just so I could laugh at her stupidity and make it in front of her superiors

    • You realize if I behave like that I could easily be termed as someone who is jealous of her?

    • I didn't care. I wanted her and everyone else to know how under qualified she was. I quit the job and went elsewhere and was much happier. I have zero respect for the unqualified boss and the company that put them there

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  • why you look down on her? >:( do you think its something good to do? if i was her i won't work with someone with a similar mindset than you