Have you ever noticed that most nerds are usually atheists?

There are many non-nerd atheists indeed... but finding a theist nerd is really uncommon.

Why's that?


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  • I know plenty of theist and deist nerds... including a few super-old-school Roman Catholic nerds, some hyper-hardcore Foursquare/Pentecostal, Methodist, and Southern Baptist nerds, and a couple of Muslim and Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish nerds.

    One of the super-Orthodox Jewish nerds is one of the heads of this consummately awesome program which controls L. A.'s traffic lights:
    The amount of stuff the system does is truly mind-boggling -- but, I was astonished to find that, in the heavily Jewish neighborhoods of the Westside and east Beverly Hills, the traffic lights actually go on special cycles once the Sabbath starts, so that the super-observant Orthodox Jews don't have to press the pedestrian buttons (which would constitute "working on the Sabbath day" in violation of their religious observances).


    If YOU don't notice these nerds... that's because THEY are smart enough to know that lots and lots and lots of OTHER nerds are super judgy about religion.
    And so -- other than the ones who wear incredibly obvious outward signs of their religion (i. e., Orthodox/Hasidic Jews) -- these nerds learn to... just shut up and smile.
    So they can GET ALONG with the other nerds, without having to endure the inevitable anti-religious tirades against their (mostly very private) faith.

    That's the reason.

    You don't notice them, because they just don't talk about it.


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  • Because in order to be characterized as a nerd, you have to be an intelligent, thinking, rational person. Those qualities are directly opposite those needed to be a theist: ignorant, dogmatic, and irrational.

    • Atheism isn't any more rational than theism and/or other kinds of deism.

      Agnosticism is probably more rational, but, OP didn't say anything about agnostics, and neither did you.

      Also, intelligence and ignorance aren't opposites in any real sense, either. (Think of how many internet echo chambers are filled with nominally intelligent, but hopelessly ignorant, people.)

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    • @AssJacket Seeing ostensible patterns/correlations/relationships where none actually exist is "apophenia", not ignorance. Ignorance is just the lack of knowledge and/or information.

    • @redeyemindtricks Hmmm... fair enough.

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  • I haven't noticed that at all.

  • Hmm, I've never noticed.


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  • Maybe they're just a little more objective of the evidence we have for such events. Anyways humans are a mistake if you go according to the bible. God created humans, regretted it and then killed every living thing. Except Noah and who ever was with him

  • in my opinion a lot of nerds are into science, and at a young age they're led to believe by popular culture that science and religion are inherently at odds. That isn't true, but it forms some of their early development, from which religiosity usually springs.

  • Nerds are morons and I think you are over analyzing their opinions. Nobody gives a fuck what they think

  • Why are you making so many questions about nerds?

    • They just pop into my mind.