Please read im so confused?

Okay so there's this guy we're gonna call him P.. Well i was very good friends with P a few years back and for a while thats all we were but then we got a little bit closer we would text all day and just fuck around and laugh..& one day he came over and we just chilled (: && then we stopped talking for like a couple of months & then we talked again.. This time i would sneak out of my house like at 2am and go drink at the beach with this guy.. Im not gonna lie we did kiss and touch and thats bout it.. He told me he had hooked up with a bunch of girls but he never had anything serious with any of them.. One day i got out of class and P invited me to 6 flags and i went and we like held hands (something he never does) and it was like nice kissing in public and holding hands and now its been like 2 years and we still talk i have a boyfriend now and he's not doing so good he's depressed and he wants to call me.. I don't know if i should answer or what cause i wouldn't want my boyfriend to be talking to girls either like im so confused.


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  • then dont answer the texts wtf


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  • We're you ever officially dating P?

    • Nooo we were like friends with benifits

    • Ok so when you guys were seeing each other he was also screwing around with other women at the same time without you knowing, and never made anything official? I personally would not be cool with that. Therefor I would stay true to your man who made things official and not give P the time of day. He had his chance. Imagine your man trying to make another girl feel better when she's upset.

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