Should I just give up and assume he is not interested in this pun?

I have wanted to date for a while now, but haven't really met or talked to that many guys who I feel like i would like to date. But there is, or was, this guy who lives nearby, who goes to the same uni as me and the same gym who i find cute. I got the impression that he wasn't interested based on the fact that I didn't really catch him looking at me, so I "gave up on him".

But I did meet him at a party, but the only reason we even talked was because my roomie introduced us (I told him i found him cute so he offered to be my wingman). After my roomie left the convo we talked for a little while, but the comversation was mostly about him. I felt like i was carrying the conversation, even though he asked some questions and was quite detalied about his answers. I got the impression he was interested in talking to me, but not necessarly because he found me attractive

But when i was "testing him"(trying to give him a chance to ask more questions about me, and if he didn't i was just going to assume he wasn't interested), and there was a quit awkward silence he just left and talked to his friends instead.



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  • Why tf do girls "test" guys... That's so annoying

    • I need to "test" him so that i dont make a fool out of myself. Its to see if he is interested because if he keeps the comversation going and ask questions about me it means he is interested or "worse case" just friendly. If he doesn't, and i have to carry most of the conversation he is obviously not interested in any way. The only thing did was not to ask any more questions so that he had the chance to ask me something, if he was interested. which it seems like he is not. Now i won't approach him

    • If you are interested in him approach him. If not, leave him alone. Simple as that

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  • Yeah you should

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