Why did my high school have only one gender for these specific sports?

ice hockey (only had a male team)
gymnastics (only had a female team)
wrestling (only had a male team)
volleyball (only had a female team)
football (for you fucktards out there who think im referring to the European version, otherwise known as "soccer, think again), only had a male team

Everyone knows girls, and guys, can and WILL do all of the ones, they were excluded from here, so, why were they excluded in MY high school?

Oh, we also had only female cheerleaders and dance members


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  • Well could they gey a team together of either gender.

  • Unfortunately cutbacks. That's a lot of salary saved.
    At least there's something for everyone.
    There may not be a lot of interest from girls who want to play football, hockey or wrestle. How many other schools have the above for girls that they can play against?

    • i saw a girl on here earlier who said she wrestles boys

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