Some empathy towards animals but sociopathic traits towards humans?

I'm a 17 year old male and lately I've been feeling like I have something not right being sociopath, narcissist, or something. When I was a young child I never can recall having too much empathy or compassion towards humans. Animals on the other hand I do, though. I mean when my pets would die as kid I would cry but get over it in a few hours and be alright. When my grandfather died I never shed a single tear, even though I was 11ish at the time, it still is strange. I always had "loved" him and I spent lots of my life with him just didn't feel too "sad" I guess. The last year ever since I turned 16 I have definitely changed. I used to feel "depressed" but I guess at the time I would pretend to be upset or depressed to get the reaction I wanted from a person. Lately, as more time passes, my emotions feel "shallow" per se. Like I usually if someone says something mean to me or something that would upset someone, I'll feel upset or have a "feeling" for maybe a minute or so and then I'll easily ignore it and never think or worry about it again. Lately, I have a tendency to "lie" to people to get me to like them more. I'll say what people want me to say and I just do it. Almost if not ALL my laughter is faked when hanging around people, especially friends and people not super close to me. My personality is more just "calm" and "chill," quiet at times. I can get angry very easily, and it comes in short bursts. If I'm mad I'll calm down in less than an hour. I feel like I'm not "normal" I guess but I'm kind of glad. It's probably bad but if I am a sociopath, or narcissist then I would love it. I feel like they are superior to us, not the serial killers but the good ones. What do you guys think? I could just be thinking this but who knows. Any questions I'll respond, thanks!


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  • Your concern over whether you are or aren't speaks volumes in itself. Reading what you have to say, I wouldn't worry too much about whether you are a sociopath.

    You seem to demonstrate depersonalization and dissociative tendencies more than anything.. but you're not likely to find a therapist here. And if you did, they couldn't help you without therapy.

    So first order of business is get therapy and work out some of these issues. You seem like a good kid to me though, darlin.

    • Oh no I'm not worried about anything haha. I have no worries. I was just trying to get some information. I have read articles about sociopaths and have noticed I'm very similar in the way I act. I'm trying to major in psychology and actually study psychopaths and sociopaths. I was just curious because I feel I have lots of traits. Not worried or concerned. I rarely feel that way anymore.

    • And I read the symptoms for depersonalization and don't feel I fit. Maybe 1 out of 10 symptoms I have. I appreciate your trying though:)

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  • It sounds like you're concerned. If you're concerned about being a Sociopath, you aren't one.

    Mental health is notoriously inaccurate. To be diagnosed a Sociopath you basically possess five traits on a list of traits. So if you manipulate and lie sometimes, you're probably a Sociopath. Doesn't mean you have no empathy at all.

    And tests for this stuff are a joke because Sociopaths will lie and bluff.

    I wouldn't worry about it dude, I think you're fine. Sounds like you may be depressed and may suffer from anxiety though.

    • Haha thanks. I'm not worried about anything at all. I have absolutely no worried anymore. If I worry it passes in a few minutes. Actually quite nice. I'm interested in psychology and am trying to major in it at college. I was just interested to know since I have lots of sociopathic traits.

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  • You sound like people today who care more about an animals life than a humans. Personally i don't find it mentally healthy

    • Lol you sound like a complete moron. You're a big reason why I DON'T like people haha.

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    • bahah... you keep proving my point get help kid.

    • How does that prove your point? I'm trying to understand how what I had to say relates back to your point... Again simple minded low I. Q. idiot.

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  • Don't know what it's called. You are just like me. It's weird man. Hopefully I'll learn from your post. You are not alone.

    • Really?

    • Yes I've never reached out to seek answers. And your questions have always been in my mind.