Should I bother applying for a position that lists 'extremely smart people?

I'm not saying I'm not one of them but it seems clear that they want top 25% of the class and I only have a B average.

Plus although I was doing pretty well at school I stopped and started getting Fs (although I pulled myself back up with a bunch of As and Bs).


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  • The position says it wants "extremely smart people." Not "high intelligence" but "extremely smart"? Are you working for Donald Trump or something? Extremely smart people is not an intelligent way of describing intelligence. Doesn't sound professional at all.

    Go for it. Depending on the job they can't expect everybody who applies to be a genius. Besides school smarts are only one facet of intelligence.

  • Top 25% isn't extremely smart... that's smart.

    Also, grade is in no way reflective of either your intelligence, nor your standing within the class. If only one person has an A average, you're way up there. But if most people have an A average, you're not.

  • Listing "extremely smart people" is intended to weed out people that don't think they're smart. Like you. So, apply anyway.

    • No it's one of those 'Need strong math skills' kind of positions.

      I'm a business grad and can do most jobs... but I mean realistically if I've not been doing amazing in my classes they will not think I have great math skills

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