Do you think this was a disrespectful email? I feel like it was?

I applied to a really prestigious company. It was apparent I was frustrated with their process, for my own reasons.

I received an email today from them saying we realize we ask for a lot of information, etc. etc. but we attract the strongest talents. You are no exception to that, however your skills don't match our jobs etc. They also said they look at a mixture of academic, work experience, amongst other things.

I felt they did look at my resume and think it was good, but they realized I was annoyed with them and said in a polite way, you're not that smart, sorry.

I find it interesting that most people are not saying no they may have appreciated your application but for some reason decided not to pursue it further.

I thought most people would say I was reading too much into it.
What do you think?


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  • I don't think they meant to be disrespectful; they're probably trying to cover themselves legally. Most companies won't tell you the REAL reason you were rejected; in many cases, the, the right person probably didn't even see your resume. That's how broken the hiring process is these days. It's probably best to just move on to another company that is interested in you.

    • The thing is, there was a problem with tests. I passed the online tests last year, and didn't pass another pure math test.

      This year when I applied, I was confused because I passed the first test, but apparently had to re-give it. When I did, because it was done in a hurry I knew I didn't pass.

      I applied for two positions and the first one was a pretty simple you didn't meet our test requirements, hence we can't consider you etc.

      The second one was way more elaborate and listed all these things about realizing a lot of information was asked, etc. It also listed that they're fortunate to attract some of the best talents in the world. You are no exception, however your qualifications don't match our jobs etc.

      So I was curious if my application for the second posting which I put a LOT of time and effort in, was actually good and they are being disrespectful but also acknowledging that it wasn't a bad one

    • My suspicion is that you're getting automated emails from totally different systems. I don't think there were any humans involved in looking at your situation and formulating the emails according to that. You probably got the equivalent of a form letter each time.

    • No they generally have a different format for emails too depending on the applicant. I know because I've applied before too, and the applicants they think are really weak it's a very generic, two line email. I could tell from their response the last time too that I passed the IQ tests even though it was a rejection, because of the polite rejection email I got back.

      I had emailed the actual head person of HR because the last time I got a personal email from him about the rejection, and he didn't reply. I also emailed the careers people. So I think this time it probably was a bit more of a personal email, because if they don't reply or give me some kind of feedback I could tell peers for example that I had a bad experience with the company

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  • Well, you sent an irritated email. So what did you expect? Why would they want to work with you if you don't have your emotions under control?

    Honestly, what you did was stupid.

    • I didn't send a disrespectful email, where did you get that impression?

      I wrote in my application that I had already passed one aspect of the application, but then the system couldn't register it so I re-gave it etc.

      Obviously they would realize I'm a little annoyed and hence they were trying to cover up their own fault a little by saying you know we ask for a lot of information upfront etc. BUT we attract the 'best talent' in the world.

      I couldn't tell if they're dissing me or they're feeling a little bad because my application was good but lacked something

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    • okay, so there wasn't an email.

      But notice how you just exploded because you got a little frustrated? Think they didn't pick up on that vibe from you? There was no good reason to express the frustration. All it did was take the focus off of your ability to do the job and instead put it on your poor emotional control.

    • I'm not frustrated because of the tests. I'm frustrated and angry because I really liked this company and now feel as though if they really were trying to like put me down or something, I might never actually ever able to get over it and work there.

      Which sucks because I've known of them since before I started University

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  • Whatever the true reason was, it's none of your concern anymore. Just move on.

    • Of course it is. This was a personally written email from the HR team. I know the emails I've received before have been nothing like it.

      There's a hidden meaning in their email I'm just trying to figure out whether it's positive or negative. It *could* be positive, pretty much saying your application was not a bad one at all, and you should re-apply down the road.

      It could also be really negative, saying that look girlie, we get that you're frustrated but we attract the best people in the world and you just don't understand how competitive our company is.

      If I don't decipher what it meant, I'll keep false hopes for this company, which I don't want to unless I'm sure I wish to work for them.

    • What "hopes" for this company are you talking about? They have already rejected you, have they not?

    • No they wrote in the email that they 'invite me to consider the possibility of re-applying in 12 months time,' and they are 'sure I will gain valuable experiences' along the way.

      I am feeling bitter towards them, but I do realize it is a really prestigious firm. So if this truly wasn't a disrespectful email I can let it go.

      But if this was an email that was trying to say, 'your qualifications don't match our jobs because our jobs because you know you suck,'

      that's a whole other topic of conversation.

      I passed an IQ tests last year, didn't pass the second one. This year I didn't pass the first one which I had to re-give, so there seems to be a problem with me and tests, at leats from their eyes

  • move on, it doesn't matter if it was disrespectful or not.

  • We live in an era when people just don't care anymore. This is a result of feminism. Its messed up everything. People are more selfish and families and values are out the window. Don't like it... tough honey... grow a pair of balls


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  • I don't think that that sounds disrespectful, no. I guess you just need more experience.

    • The thing is, this company requires an IQ test. I passed the online one last year, and didn't pass the subsequent math test.

      This year, I didn't realize that I'd have to re-give the IQ test so I took it in a hurry and knew I didn't do well.

      So now we have a situation in which I'm annoyed because I had to re-give it, but also there is a consistent problem of me and tests.

      Hence I'm confused if they were dissing me saying we attract some of the best people and you know you're not an exception but your skills don't fit our profile (i. e. you're not good enough) or they actually were feeling bad because my resume was good but I didn't pass the test.

  • Maybe you just aren't qualified for that position. If that's a problem for you, further your education or start small and work your way up, gaining experience.

    • See the thing is, they never really write long emails like this, I've applied for this company before. This was a personally written up email and they wrote those things for a reason.

      I have the same education as most of their employees so it can't be that. They don't ask for transcripts although I listed my marks which were a B.

    • Hmm, I dunno. To me that indicates you were close but no cigar.. and they wanted to show you the courtesy of a more personal response.

  • Yeah.