I am jealous that my brother is living the college experience and I'm not?

My brother and I are both in college but my parents could only afford to send one of us out of state. My brother does basketball and because big name colleges are starting to look at him, he got to go. I'm happy for my brother but that just makes me wonder, "what about me?" Even though my parents pay for everything my brother buys, he has way more freedom than me. I live at home with my parents. I work a minimum wage job that has no benefits and my coworkers are assholes. Plus my boss only lets me work a couple hours a week. I'm not even sure if this job is worth the drive every day. My community college is incredibly small and I haven't made any friends. I go to work, go to school and come home. I occasionally go to the library. All my friends from high school are off doing there own thing and I'm stuck at home. What can I do to feel less lonely and how can I save up money to move out within a year?


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  • Some people live good lifes, others are failures. Your brother lives a good life, and you are a failure. Even your parents think so. But you're not alone. I'm a failure too. So is everyone on gag.


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  • I don't know anything about you or your brother, but let's be honest. This is super screwed up. From reading it sounds like they favor him because of his athleticism, especially since you included they pay for everything for him. But let's be objective for a minute. Is there a reason why they wouldn't let you go away? Are you responsible? Do they have reason to worry about your grades? There's likely a reason you're not aware of or that you're not telling us.

    • I am responsible my brother is actually a lot less responsible. I have to watch my younger brother because he is disabled. I know he is my brother but I never signed up to be a parent. Even if I have the money, I can't move out of the house because of him.

    • That's messed up. But if I were you, I'd try to make the most of it. Find a better job. Excel in your classes. Take great care of your younger brother. Be kind to your parents. While this situation totally sucks, you have the opportunity to grow in character while your brother (if I understand correctly) is learning to be increasingly co-dependant. In four years, you could be surprised how well your life has become.

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  • No solution can be found to your problem within one year. You don't have to be jealous about your brother. Parents with limited resources have to promote the better talent in the family. I think your brother has more chances to succeed in life , hence he is given a preference. Your parents don't won't to hurt you but they have taken a decision after giving some thought and consideration. Accept that decision. Try to find a better job.

    • This is a Ginny_weasley story. I am sure about it.

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    • I already said no.

  • If he can go to a big name school, why wouldn't your parents make him apply to a smaller d1 school that would give him a full ride outta state so you could go outta state as well? Someone kinda fucked up

  • Transfer once you get ur AA

  • Stop comparing your life to other peoples is a good start.

    • If it was that easy, I wouldn't have made this question.

    • No one said it was easy but that's what you need to do. Learn to appreciate everything that you have in your life and be aware of when you are comparing it to others. The key is in learning to be content and thankful. Acknowledge the good and bad.

      I do the same. Everyone is on a different path, walking at a different pace, from a different road that leads to a different destination.

    • So wonderfully explained , that is why , I liked your comment.

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