Help me get this guy off of my back?

Ok there is this anoing guy and he keeps asking if I like him or not witch I don't and he will continue askiking so I finnaly said yes ok before I would just say I like a guy or whatever keep in mind he wants to date me and my friend he is like I really want to date you but I want to date your friend also I don't know why they can't date tho they like each other a lot but any way he keeps asking so I finnaly said yes because I felt like I was put on the spot and I was anoied by him but I also did not want to hurt his feelings and I told him that other guy was him also because I did not want to hurt his feelings and he kept on with the i really want to date you thing which really creeped me out and this is gonna sound bad but he creeps me out and is kinda discussing to me so since I said that I tried to make him not like me by saying I drink a lot smoke pot and tobacco and I told him I cut witch is true but the rest of it is not true at all and I told my friend what I told him and how it was not true and i was forced to tell her I cut by this guy and I had to tell her about my attempted suicide wich I did not want her to know or anyone to know but I guess I kinda asked for it since I told him but she is the kind of person who would stop hanging out with me because of it and I don't need to loose any friends rn but she told him the truth and they are mad at me and I came up with some fake shit on the phone and he lied about some stuff and yeah I aso told him I had a boyfriend and I did not and on the phone I told him we where broke up and got back together and now I'm forced to tell him the truth today because he thertened to tell my mom and yeah I'm 16 my ex boyfriend put in that I was like 37 or something but just wanted to get that out there because it will change the responses most likely and I can get in a lot of trouble if he does tell my mom I am so scared what should I do someone please help and please come with multipule what's to deal with it please?


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  • First I think you should talk to your mom about all of it and tell her you feel completely uncomfortable with that guy because he seems obsessed with you and you're worried about your safety. When I guy gets like that it's really bad news. My ex had a "friend" like that and it ended with him trying to force himself on her. If you don't want to talk to your mom about it I understand, that would just be for the best. But you need to take charge. Tell that guy that you're not comfortable around him and that you only said what you did out of fear and ask him to leave you alone. And tell your other friend the same. But honestly try not to get so caught up on all this. Focus on school and yourself and I promise your life will get so much better, especially when you get out of school. You shouldn't have to deal with that kinda BS.


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