Is this girl intimidated of me?

She used to talk shit about me.

Once I was sitting with a bunch of people, and she was walking by, she immediately lowered her head staring at the ground as she walked passed. I smirked and let out a laugh. I thought she was feeling guilt.

I saw her a while later and when she's with people she doesn't behave like that at all. However the moment she's alone, I was crossing her and she was sending out strong vibes of discomfort and again I let out a laugh.

The first line literally says she used to talk shit about me. For years no less.


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  • I think she's intimidated by you. She might actually feel scared of you as if you might try to hurt her or something when she's alone. I don't think it's guilt. I think she's actually scared of you.

    • She always sad and looks like she has low self-esteem around me.

      Scared of me as in puts me on a pedestal or something? I don't get this girl she used to talk so much shit about me without any hesitation and when she's alone she's scared?

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    • Well now that you mention jealousy, she could be intimidated by you because she's jealous of you. She might see you as being so much better than she is.

    • It's funny because I always thought she looks down on me. Some of the stuff she's said is pretty hurtful.

      Once I was in tears because one of our 'mutual friends,' (I realize they were now all in it together) was purposely trying to play a trick on me and when she realized it she got up in the morning slammed the door as hard as she could and said, "it's 5 in the morning guys."

      They all later went (I'm not even kidding) together with another girl to get coffee almost as though this girl who yelled at me needed comforting. All they probably did is talk shit about me the whole time.

      So it really surprises me that she's intimidated of me when alone and makes me wonder why she acts the way she does when she is 'so powerful' with other people (lol). It's all a bunch of stupid behaviour from these girls but I'm human and get hurt just like everyone, so their actions do have an effect on me.

  • I think she is

  • I think she disliked you greatly and I think you laughing at her shows how immature you are. Clearly she did not feel comfortable being in your vicinity.

    • Actually being the person I am I left out all the details of how nasty she used to be when she was with a crowd of people. Some of the stuff they've said about me as a group, don't even get em started.

      I didn't laugh at her as in point at her and laugh. I let out a laugh knowing full well this girl has hurt me to an unforgivable extent.

      Of course it's funny. It shows she is afraid of me when alone and yet wouldn't hesitate for one second to hurt me when she's around people who can back her up.

      I dislike her greatly too. Glad that's established.

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