For those who want to have kids - what do you make of this (see link below)?


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  • Not suprising. Women are encouraged to be decadent and self absorbed now a days. Same with men but its mostly directed at women, they are told to do what they want when they want. Its actually funny the article mentiones the "detached" father because statistically fathers put in more time then women do when you factor in both work, child rearing and house hold chores. But again men are not told to be self indulgent. A lot of people currently shouldn't be parents because they are to self obsessed to possibly care for their offspring even half as much as themselves. I have brothers (I bottle fed my youngest) I have nieces and nephews and I love them to death, I can't imagine a life more fulfilling then raising kids. But to each their own I guess.

  • There are some parents who want kids and there are some parents who don't want kids. Before making any decision to either have kids or not to have kids , they should introspect within themselves. And take a rational decision. Personally I prefer having kids. but i also need to give moral support to those who do not want to have kids. Let each individual decide what they want.

    • Apparently a lot of these women felt pressured to have kids but then regretted it.

    • In life things don't happen perfectly. Some get their wishes fulfilled and some have to accept other peoples wishes. And there are some who don't know what they want. they are always undecided. And there are some who know what they want but are not willing to go against the beliefs in their society. Now people have to take charge of their lives and decide what is good for them and stick to it no matter what.