Would you keep bloody towels?

Let's say something happened to where you had to clean quite a bit of blood up with a bunch of your towels
Would you wash and reuse the towels, or get rid of them¿

×Me personally
I don't like blood... Period. so I wouldn't even clean it up, I'd either leave that room, or the house until it was gotten up.
Even after that I'd probably avoid the room... For awhile..
And of course I'm not keeping the towels..
I'm gonna get somebody to
Put them in a garbage bag, and burn them

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  • I would get rid of them.
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What Girls Said 2

  • IF they're washable - wash and reuse... BUT - they probably aren't 100% washable, so just throw them out...

  • Blood isn't that hard to get out. Especially if it's on something white.

    • It would still bother me knowing blood was on them
      It's probably just me though

    • I get having issues with cross contamination etc... But really stain treatment followed by hot water in the washer and then drying on high in the dryer would kill anything. So it's not like there'd be anything left

What Guys Said 1

  • Did you murder someone? Or were you having sex with a lady that was having her period?
    Pretty young, for both!!!

    • I was watching this show on Netflix called shameless
      This bipolar mom attempted suicide and they caught her
      They cleaned the blood up with towels
      And they put the towels in a bin and kept them
      That's where I got the idea