Do you find some people more attractive?

I have no idea what title to use for this question. The actual question is very different from the title.

Basically, there are these really attractive people males and females, that most people find very attractive. You see them and think "damn they are hot" Then you have people that aren't as good looking, but for some reason you still find them more attractive. So if you were do be given a choice between the really attractive person and the average attractiveness, you'd would pick the average attractive because you find them more attractive. Has anyone else experienced this?


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  • I have no scientific evidence for this, but it's basically that whole inner beauty thing. How awesome someone is personality-wise enhances their outer appearance making them hotter than someone that just has looks going for them.
    Likewise, you can meet someone incredibly hot and the more you get to know them the less hot you think they are because their personality is awful.


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  • I read an interesting article which said that we are most attracted to people who are near our level of attractiveness. In other words, an average-looking guy will most likely go for an average-looking girl because he feels that he has a better chance with her. And that makes him see her as the more attractive or more desirable girl for him. Personality, taste, and other things come into play after that. And just keep breaking things down until he finds the perfect partner. Same thing for girls. And yes, I have experienced this.


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  • Maybe "Outside" but not Always... Inside.
    Personality is the One thing here, dear, that Highlights... More Attractive.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • Yeah, of course. It's called taste. Everyone has a bit or a lot different taste in all things.


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