As an Atheist how do I deal with my religious father?

My dad he's religious he prays and does all of his usual religious rituals and as an Atheist I have nothing against that. However, he always wants to fill the house with religious text and religious pics and not only that I don't want anybody or any of my friends to identify me with any of these, but it's also a problem giving the sectarian conflict that's been happening. I don't want any of my friends to see them because it makes me feel like these things represent me and my beliefs and they don't by any means. In fact, I started to hate Islam. I can't force him to abandon them or try to convince him to do so because it's not my house and he doesn't FULLY know my thoughts about Islam. I mean he does know the direction that I'm going through but he's not aware that chose to be FULLY be against Islam if that makes sense. He isn't trying to force me to pray thankfully. But it makes me sick of the place that I'm living in if this intensifies. Any advice?


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  • I would definitely try and move out on your own...


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  • If you're over 18 have you considered making a life for yourself... and living in your own home? Clearly that's the easiest way to differentiate yourself from the beliefs of your father.

    Also... I've found this idea helpful for me:
    "The more we feel at peace with our own beliefs, the less we feel a need to worry what others think our beliefs are. And the opposite is true... the less confident we are the more we struggle to convince others."

    So if you're worried what others think, then perhaps you still need to work on what YOU believe.

    For example, I feel confident that gravity is real. And therefore I don't really have a need to convince others when they don't agree. Instead I just allow them to believe what they want.

    Just brainstorming some ideas?

    ~ Robby

    • You misunderstood me, my point is linked to your example, they don't know that I believe in gravity, but if posters outside the place of my residence that say "Gravity doesn't exist" then I belong to the group of no-gravity people. As for moving on my own that option isn't there for me. I wish it is.

    • I guess my point is that it doesn't matter what group you're part of when you don't care what group others are part of. It doesn't matter if others disagree or call you names.

      Unless you decide it matters.

  • You're at least 25, move out.

    • I wish I could, but in my country it's not that simple. This option is not available.