Should I tell her the truth?

So this guy messaged me on facebook a few weeks ago and we flirted for a few days, planned to maybe see each other in person. We then stopped talking but now I get a message from his account and notice he's now with a girl on his profile picture. Since the first message, I knew it was his girlfriend pretending to be him because she was asking so many dumb questions.
I asked her if it was his girlfriend talking & she said yeah but that she doesn't want any problems, she just saw me on his blocked list & wanted to know what we had talked about and when. I said he told me he was single (which is the truth.)
I mean, idek this guy in person, should I tell her the truth? I don't want any drama.

No one?
I don't know how I always end up in situations like this smh 🙄
She was asking too many questions, said she just wanted to know what he had been doing so I thought it was fair that she knew & I just sent her screenshots of our conversations... turns out they're married 🙃 What is my life


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  • tell her the truth? about what? you already told her that he said he's single... which is probably the worst part of everything. A bit flirting here and there isn't that much of an issue. If you mean about the possible meeting... sure.

    But like I said... the worst part is that he pretended to be single, and that says already pretty much everything. She knows already that she can't trust him anymore, so if you don't want drama... just stay silent until she asks again.

    • Lmao @ update

    • Oh, it gets worse than that, he made a whole new different account where he talked to other girls smh
      And about the update, I know, the girl and I almost even because friends haha it's fucked up cx

    • You attract the wrong kind of people lol

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  • Well you haven't done anything wrong as far as you were concerned you spoke to someone thinking they were single.

    You don't want drama she doesn't want problems. She knows you spoke-You told her that he told you he was single so what more truth do you need to tell?

    • You're right, I didn't do anything wrong 🤔 Thank you
      & She wanted the specifics, to know what we had talked about and I did show her everything

    • Thanks for MHO I hope you resolved the issue 😘

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  • So you're saying you flirted with a married guy? 😂 LOL
    Just tell her the truth and don't give a fuck

    • Yes, but I definitely wasn't aware that he was in a relationship let alone married.
      I did stop giving a fuck and told her everything haha thanks :)

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    • I mean... am I, really? 😂😂😂

    • Yep 😀
      You're not innocent but still a good girl
      Plus you haven't bite me yet 😂 LOL

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  • Tell her , honestly us girls have been through so much that we just need the truth what if there on and off?

    If i was in her shoes id be asking girls the same think
    And id wish atless one girl would tell me the truth

    • Yeah, that's exactly what I thought too, & that if I was in her shoes I'd want to know too.