Good black/hiphop nightclubs in east london?

I'm going to london in about a month (will be staying near Paul's cathedral), and i was wondering where there are some good hip hop nightclub in east london (east end) ?

or just clubs that has a cool vibe, and good music ( we're talking oldschool hiphop, rnb etc.)


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  • You've got to check out "the W" got to check out "the W"


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    South London is usually bit better though. There's always something on. Well there are things in East London too, but south will be more mellow. There's actually one really good old school night that some guy does but it's not that regular and don't think it's on next month.
    Other than hip hop, East London is really good for night life. It's a real mixture of all different types of music and people too. So like some broke people will be in the same clubs and bars as all these rich kids. Especially brick lane, Hoxton, Dalston, and general Hackney area.