Was my mother wrong? I am so tired of her?

I started work and I told her I'm not happy. Someone is really being awful to me.

If it was a good job, I'd consider but it's not even a good job. There was also a little friction between me and the girl who worked there, but I managed to ease it out. I did sometimes feel a little sensitive that she was able to do the job without being depressed.

I was better at the work than her but man did I hate my life.

Today my mother purposely said, "Can you imagine she has to go there five days a week, you only have to go twice and you're jumping up and down." When I pointed out this upset me she started crying hysterically, slapping herself, saying I couldn't stand I praised the other girl etc.


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  • Some people like things that others don't. Maybe she enjoys the job, doesn't mean you also have to enjoy it. Some people really like working in the food industry where I can't fucking stand it and I want to scratch my eyes out. Your mom is generalizing it too much and admittedly is missing the point. Don't worry about the fact that she can tolerate the job and you don't. Liking different things is what makes us human and what makes you who you are. You're completely allowed to hate your job haha. I'd suggest looking for another job and moving on.

    • This is exactly what I was trying to explain to my mother.

      But for some reason, she ALWAYS does this. I'm always 'never good enough' and the person at the other end is.

      This girl was likely not a good student like I was, and that doesn't mean she can't do other things, like this job, that I can't.

      Sometimes I feel like my mother does this on purpose, because her importance goes up, where now she has power over me, and she can say I'm jealous or something like that.

      When in fact, if she had not said something like that, I would actually appreciate the girl. But now she's become competition because my mother said that, which causes me to wonder if that was the reason she said it in the first place.

      I also know my mother, who has never gone to University, cannot stand when I compare her to other people yet feels no guilt whatsoever when she does the same.

      I am really tired of her and don't know how to stand up to her

    • No I completely get where you're coming from. My parents always harped on me about my grades despite me getting either high B's or A's and the fact they were C students. When I told them I got like 88 percent on a test, they'd respond with "Good job but what happened to the other 12 percent?" They don't get how much it rattles us when they do that but that's just how parents are. Even now in University they harp me about classes when they both haven't been to University. It's honestly their way to get us to do our best yet they don't understand that it probably has the reverse effect as it creates resentment. What has worked for me is pretty much telling them that I know what I'm doing, and if they persist take a shot at them for never going to University and not having a clue what it is like. It may be a bit aggressive but it has calmed it down. From the sounds of it you've put up with a lot and she's not getting it so you may have to go to an extreme to bring her to reality.

  • Ya gotta give your mom props for slapping herself. That's wicked cool!


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