I don't know what to do?

my friend stabbed me in the back and basically stole the girl I liked, then rubbed it in my face THE text messages all day Saturday and Sunday. I didn't believe him but when I got to school today she confirmed all his comments herself and decided to talk about her boyfriend very, oddly to me. this was the last straw I don't know what to do. I have no friends, no girls like me, and my mom doesn't care, she just thinks I should just worry about my school work but I can't. when I walk down the hall everyday I see groups of friends, and couples holding hands. when I'm sitting in class I have to hear everyone talk about how cute someone is or how awesome they're life is. I can't deal with it, I feel like everything is against me and I can't focus. my head hurts, my eyes hurt, and ever since this morning when I heard those words come out her mouth, I haven't been the same. please help me I feel so sick


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  • First & foremost, that dude was not your friend to begin with. Homies Help Homies, ALWAYS. Straight backstabbing you like that just shows you who he really is. The girl, don't worry about her man tell the chick you don't want to associate yourself with all her bullshit anymore because that's all it really is bullshit. There's a better, more interesting girl wanting to get to know you around the corner. Lastly, I know you've heard this all before but... it's high school NOT forever. Your mom is maybe half right in terms of focusing on school but she totally dismissed how you felt about the whole situation. Do you really have NO friends at all? Not even the dude who sits to you in math class and asks to borrow a paper? next just start a conversation about idfk other girls, music, sports, the fucking stupid ass hw and how lame the shit really is. No one is against you more than you are against yourself right here and right now. Stop attacking yourself for something that you had no control over. Use this as a learning experience to not tell just any one even "friends" how you truly feel until you know that person for fucking years. If I was you man, I would hit the fucking gym, get all that pent up emotion out and use it in a more effective manner to get you a better looking girl because you know what because your a fucking stud. Don't ever let some punk ass lame get one over you and don't deal with thots, ragamuffin, hoes, find yourself a girl, a lady who is actually worth a damn. Don't think about the now think about the later because the now is over , later is where you wanna be!


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  • Heheheh. How desparate for girls are you man? Either get ahold of yourself or try to find the easiest girl you can get. I don't really know how, be creative. If all else fails consider passing yourself off as an adult and hanging out at a bar looking for desparate women instead of going to school.
    Ask yourself, "How sick and desperate am I?" Does the end justify the means?

  • dude , no lie i felt this way my whole life... until high school. then a world of opportunities were at my fingertips.

    Basicly, when god gives you a little sip of hell, you can bet your s**t that there is some good stuff in the futre

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