Depressed or homeless?

I see many homeless people some are very young is it possible to be young and homeless or do they use drugs and denied there family's help? Has anyone been homeless. I been depressed and it feels awful everyone rejects you, main cause was couldn't find a good pay job and I got fired from a few jobs.


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  • Sometimes it has more to do with mental issues... Many young people are homeles because they develop some type of mental illness..

    Of course others are just lazy losers who rather live on the street than work... And others are ignorant people who throw their lives away for drugs and alcohol... If you are just depressed without any of the other things I mentioned above, you are less likely to become homeless because usually you still try to better yourself... Especially if you learn self therapy and try and try even when things get soooo bad... You lift yourself up again until you get somewhere...

    • Depression is in my past but I think I could fall again easily. One thing I tried to do is become a drug addict and I just couldn't but I did drink, I'm just glad I didn't hurt or do something bad. Have you ever been depressed

    • Well, be smart about the situation... If you say it's been hard finding work, doing drugs will just get you nowhere faster!! Because the little money that you make or have left will be spent on this trash!! It's a stupid way to a solution..

      I have never been depressed, but I've been sad.. Really sad, and I believe I have the ability to self therapy and prevent myself from actually being depressed.. It's all mental... ... Learn to control it to avoid depression because it can be dangerous to be too sad.

      Try to find out what things make you sad or trigger your depression state, as to avoid those things and maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive mentality

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