Harley Quinn leggings?

so I am trying to find accurate leggings to the ones Margot Robbie wore in the movie Suicide SquadHarley Quinn leggings?
There's a photo just in case you didn't know what I meant. I'm trying to find those same exact leggings she is wearing. Any ideas?
Also I found these leggings:
not quite sure if those are accurate to the ones she wears plus thy look kinda dark, and when she wears them they look light and you can see her skin clearly. Also it gives me four options to choose from as you can see and I'm not sure what they mean lol. i never bought this kinda thing for myself so I don't know it'd be great if someone could explain it to me cuz I'm lost. If any of those options mean what I think they mean I don't know. I need lighter ones like the ones Harley wears basically. Help.


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  • Fishnets are fishnets. I don't think anyone is going to get on you about them. They're also difficult to see online because of the pattern.

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