Guys, which of these is the most attractive?

For me it's a hard choice between A and B.

  • Apache
  • Mi-24
  • Women
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I may have been unfair to put the apache in front of the explosion - it's a sign of favoritism.
Still shocked that most prefer women. People, you shouldn't have such low standards. I mean... c'mon... I thought better of G@G

Oh and to whomever removed my question earlie - guess who's back


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  • Of these, the APACHE is the only one floating like a badass away from a fiery explosion --- that it most likely created itself --- so that eliminates the Mi-24 by direct competition right there.

    Now, on to consider the women choice. Can they make me feel like I'm flying, like the Apache can? Noooooo, they cannot. Well, maybe the ones on the bottom left corner and bottom right corner can. :P

    But still! APACHE wins! <3


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