Good ways to find a hobby?

Hi, I've noticed I don't have many hobbies.. I live in a small town, not too much to do here. What are somethings I can do to prevent boredom? Just to keep me occupied, maybe something to keep my mind sharp. :)


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  • What do you enjoy doing? You could always try playing sports, or maybe go to the park sometime.


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  • What are your current interests? What makes you happy? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you enjoy thinking? Do you enjoy visualizing things? Do you have good reflexes? Are you athletic?

    These questions will help you discover your hobby. Or maybe your hobby is trying to find a hobby. Whatever floats your boat.

    • I have little interests unfortunately, but I do play games and read often. I don't work with my hands too often, besides when I'm helping a co-worker at work where most of my labor-intensive work comes from. Yes, I like to think.. I'm somewhat of a deep thinker. Hmm, not that I can recall. Reflexes I'm not exactly sure, I've never really been involved with sports so it's quite hard to say as to if I am or not. Athletic no, but I am naturally skinny.

      Ah, well I appreciate the help. :)

    • @sublime45 thinking in it of itself is a hobby. So just sit there and think. And maybe that will be your hobby or maybe another hobby can come out of that.

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