Experiments about potential and the limits of materials?


I need to make an experiments that shows the potentions and limits of a material. It can be a merge of materials or/and object.
The subject of the experiments is potention and limit.
So if you know experiments about potention and limit, please let me know!


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  • I don't, but google probably does.

    • yeah looked for it but it mostly are kidsexperiment

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    • Yes indeed but i don't know any interesting material to do so...

      like someone is going to work with clay and she is going to put forces on the clay and see what happens and than she is going to let it dry and ^put forces when the clay is dry and see what happens etc...

    • @123Lisa electricity would be neat. Do you have to hold it? That stuff in plasma balls (plasma I'm guessing) would also be interesting, but I don't know what sort of tests you could do with plasma.

  • Not trying to offend again, But what is this doing on GaG? GaG is often meant if you want to split between men's and woman's opinion. I don't think in that case there is any purpose to it.

    • I'm very sorry but I searched before I posted and I'm not the only one using this forum for questions like this.

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