Why is ex talking to me more now?

Since my ex boyfriend decided it was not fair for us to continue being intimate I have not really contacted him as i still have feelings, and eventually want to tell him how i have been feeling since the bu. Well since I have not talked to him for a week or so he texted me the other night asking if we were still talking. He then said last time we talked you said u had a lot on your mind and wanted to make sure everything was alright and he hasn't heard from me. So i asekd what he wanted to talk about since he thought i didn't want to talk. We struck up a convo about what we were watching. I know lame right and for thr past 3 days throught we have been talking about that since the convo is not constantly due to worl. he has made some jokes towards me etc and got me laughing. Why all of a sudden him talking more to me? is there something going on or what?


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  • He's making sure you'll be open to reconciling. Don't get excited. He only wants to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. You're fucking up by talking to him. This is over completely and permanently and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Stop all forms of communication and get over him and move on


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