What are the procedures of football?


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  • Not enough room on this to explain everything there is about football. But to simplify, here it goes:

    2 teams. One Home (the stadium/city they represent), One Visitor (other team).
    Each team consists of 11 players on the field. If they have more or less, either a penalty or get potentially screwed on a play. The field is 100+ yards long and 50+ years wide (depending on Canadian or National/American football can be longer/wider). The field is divided up into 10 yard increments which are the lines on the field. The two "End Zones" are the big outlined areas at either end of the field. The numbers from 10 to 50 are the increments, ex. 10 yards, 20 yards, etc. and they start from center, "0", to end zone. The players each have a job depending on offense or defense. Offense, the main guy is the quarterback. He's the one that does all the passing and handing off and does all the play planning to get the ball into the other teams "end zone' for a touchdown (which is 6 points). The other players around the quarterback on offense are his tools to get the ball into the other opponent's end zone. The front lineup are call the offensive line, to protect the quarterback and to make a hole in the defensive line wall. The players behind the quarterback are the running backs for running the ball mostly through the line and up the field. The taller outside players are the receivers for the quarterback to pass to. Now for defense, you have the defensive line which are the ones that want to open up a whole through the offensive line, so that the defensive players in the back, can get through and kill, I mean, stop the quarterback and running backs that are coming through the defensive line. The outside defensive players are there to stop the passes and cover the receivers.

    So the offensive team wants to get that stupid odd shaped ball over the end zone line for 6 points. They do this by "moving" the ball any way they can up the field to each 10 yard increment. Each time they do this, they get 3 or 4 chances of getting the ball over the end zone line. The defensive team is designed to stop that from happening at all costs. In the event that the offensive team doesn't get to the end zone for a touchdown, they can either let the other team start at where they left off because they run our of "downs", if close enough, kick the ball through the yellow posts for a 3 point field goal, or kick the ball down the field to make it harder for the opponent to try their hand at scoring.


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  • Throw the ball
    Catch the ball


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