I'm not seeking attention but instead legit need advice?

Lately I have been real depressed. Can't pinpoint one thing that is making me feel this way because it's everything. Everything I do, everything I say, everywhere I go... usually I'm a very outgoing person. I love people and usually I am always doing something. Not the home body type. But lately I've been so down that I don't want to to be around ANYONE. not even family, and if you knew me you would know this is out of my ordinary. I don't have energy or feel like doing anything anymore. I feel so bad and I want this to stop but no matter what I tell myself it doesn't go away. I feel like I'm steadily getting worse by the day. I'm seeking advice because I don't know how much longer I can feel like this


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  • It's such a horrible feeling isn't it, to have no motivation to do anything, or be with anyone. Have you told any of your friends you are feeling like this? Maybe you don't want to, but I'm sure they would care deeply and want to help!
    Have you been dreaming anything? Sometimes your dreams try to tell you what is wrong... you could write them down and look for recurring themes.
    I guess this might be unlikely, but could it be anemia or some kind of physical cause like that? Has your diet changed recently or have you been ill or anything else changed at the same time as your mood?
    Even if you don't feel like it, I think it's a good idea to make yourself do something positive each day... go for long walk, watch a beautiful David Attenborough nature documentary, look through your old photos, go to the museum, ask for a hug, go to a pet shop and look at the kittens... anything! One day something will help!
    It can't last forever... one day soon you'll be your normal self again♡

  • If you're feeling this way and there isn't a "real" reason or a logical reason. You should see a therapist. I know that some people are against this but it's a good idea especially if you go to the right one. There are of course therapists that just wants to prescribe you anti-depressants (anti-depressants suck btw) but there are good ones that truly care about your wellbeing. Do some research online and make an appointment with a therapist, you (most likely) won't regret it

    • I just don't want medication pushed on me. I don't believe in medication for mental health.

    • And also I don't have health insurance so any medical care is sort of out of the question... :/

    • You could go to a free clinic and there are many suicide prevention and crisis hotlines. There are also depression support chat rooms and blogs. When you need help, you need help and I know it can feel kinda weird but try to go to a free clinic