Need a new phone. Any suggestions?

I'm using a galaxy s4 now but it's kinda broken. Need a replacement but I don't know which one. I want it to be new but also affordable. Any suggestions?


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  • IPhone 7 . I'm 100% happy with it

    • First world problems: I can't charge my phone while listening to music


    • @Dipsy

      Every phone has its pros and cons. It's still the best phone out there. Besides, I don't use earphones , so that's irrelevant to me

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  • New AND affordable? Depends on a few factors. You buying it straight from a manufacturer or through a carrier? Paying in full or monthly? Sticking with Android or jumping to iPhone?

    • I was thinking about getting a galaxy s6 which is new enough and affordable for me. But it's not water proof and that kinda holds me back.

    • But how are you gonna get it? If you go through a carrier you're options are limited. There are some good, newer companies out there that produce good quality phones at 2/3 or sometimes 1/2 the price of a Samsung or LG

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