How true is this saying- 'In Life, chance plays a role, but you are the one chiefly responsible for creating your own Reality?


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  • probably 90% true.
    u can b in a crappy situation but have a positive attitude, and it won't feel as bad as it actually is. so WE are in charge.

    • I think there is a certain luck in birth. You were born with sincere beauty both to the eye and all other senses

      Aside from this, it is all how you percieve, glass half empty, half full mindset

  • Very true. Chance brings opportunities you didn't even think to make for yourself. Your choices in response to the ''chance' happenings puts you in charge of re-creating your current reality. Or not. Up to you.


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  • I'd say it's pretty accurate if you think about it

    • I think more so from our Generation

      I do not want to sound 'Ageist' but so many play the blame/victim game these days

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    • In general, we used to put our hands up when we messed up. Now, it is all about 'poor me'

    • Oh you mean no more taking the blame now everyone's playing the victim