Saying sorry, big dilemma?

Ok so assume youve wronged someone, and they dont really wanna see you or talk to you right now.
But you know their favorite singer is coming to town.
Do you:
a- buy two tickets to see the singer and invite them with you?
(high chance if refusal, ok chance at a good time, they know you're trying)

b- buy two tickets to see the concert for them and give them to them so they can go and enjoy the concert with whoever they like?
(good chance of refusal, better chance at a good time, they know you're trying a bit)

c-buy two tickets to the concert for them, give them to a friend of theirs and have them pretend its their idea?
(low chance of refusal, high chance at a good time, they dont know its you)

You want them to enjoy it because they mean a lot to you. But you also miss them a lot and want to make it up to them.

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What Girls Said 1

  • if they don''t wanna see you then it's best to stay away


What Guys Said 1

  • None of the above. Go with the flowers and written request to join you at concert as your way of saying sorry with a definite must hear back by date

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