Why would a guy walk out of a class just because you looked at him?

Either he thinks I like him or he just hates me.


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  • LOL what? I doubt that dude no ones going to be like "oh shit this girl looked at me, oh well I guess I'm going to waste my money and learning experience by leaving now"

    • Yeah. However I am starting to think he thinks I'm like... really bored or something. Like I didn't even need the class so he was wondreing why I took it.

      On the first class that I attended, I needed a group and so did he. I suggested via email we merge groups. The next time he came to class looking super mad saying to the prof, "Yeah smaller groups are better it doesn't make sense to MERGE a big group."

      Definitely aimed at me. I just don't get what his problem is.

      Either he thinks i'm taking this class because I'm super-bored, or he just hates me it doesn't really affect him either way.

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    • The problem is that (and this is going to be the sad part), I was going through some kind of post-University trauma thing.

      Soo when I walked into class seeing this guy blinking shyly/blushing etc. when I looked at him, it made me think... at least someone's happy to see me.

      I don't know him well but we were both a part of the same club etc. He totally changed out of nowhere. On the day of my graduation too I happened to see him walking, and he immediately busied himself with his phone almost to completely avoid me.

      I just didn't get the obvious 'stay away from me' vibes. There was a dance later and he seemed pretty normal then.

      I almost wondered if he thought I was reluctant to let go of University and taking the class with no real reason.

      Unfortunately, the fact that he changed is what made me develop a crush on him in the first place.

    • If it makes you feel better I'm not really popular as well and I get rejected by a lot of girls too but it doesn't make me feel down lol I use it as motivation to go to the gym and school (well I'm done school now); however, I am making a website that's constantly growing because all the so called "downfalls/failures" in your life are just learning lessons which help build your character, it's a blessing in disguise as for relationships/crushes there's plenty of people out there and you just need to develop yourself and love yourself before someone else will like you back

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  • He likely has other issues going on that have nothing to do with you, or you're not telling us everything.


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  • If he thinks you like him then he has no reason to walk out. If he hates you, he also has no reason to walk out. So either he's a moody little bitch, or he's a moody little bitch.

  • Lol maybe he was going out there anyways and you are just jumping to conclusions. I highly doubt you looking at him would get that reaction.

    • No he seems to really not like me.

      The first class he was looking for a group and I thought he might want to be in mine. Soo I suggested we merge a group via email.

      The next time he came to class he looked super-pissed and said to the professor smaller groups were better, there was no point in 'merging a big group.'

      So he definitely seems hostile to me.

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    • No he was definitely blushing in a shy way, he was smiling and trying to be funny in class by responding to the prof's joke etc.

      I think he thought I was cute but didn't think much of me. However, he believed I really like him or something like that, and that made him feel he has to be rude for me to get it.

      Sorta like I'm a cute girl who he thought he'll forget about once the class is over, but for me he's a crush. Something like that.

      It's sad because his behaviour sort of affected how much I gave to the class, but it doesn't bother me too much. It was just one class out of all of my classes in University.

    • Yeah that's just his personality so what if he does or doesn't like you. Use this as a learning experience. As a opportunity to grow into a better version of yourself.

  • Someone did this?

    • Yes. Class had barely started, all I did was look at him.

      He partially turned his head sort of annoyed, thought better of staring straight at me, then randomly just shoved his laptop in his bag, cleared his desk, and walked out of class angrily. I didn't look at him but I could tell he was glaring at me out of the corner of his eye.

      I was like.. wha..

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    • So you did like her? Why would it affect you if she was laughing with a guy?

      This guy was a straight A student going to graduate with super good grades etc. so I was really really intimidated of him.

      I don't know if he realized I was in awe of him

    • Yes I liked her this girl was unbelievably attractive twice outside of clas this girl approached me to talk one time it was about assignments in the clas and the second time she tapped me on the shoulder when I was in the library writing a paper and told me she was happy she ran into me and gave me Tim Hortons

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  • What were his facial expressions like?

    • Really angry. He looked like he was a second away from exploding. He just packed up his stuff, shoved it in his bag and left.

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    • University is over for all of us, so the situation itself from a school perspective doesn't bother me.

      But I do sometimes wonder why he did that. I mean... I'm hardly an unattractive girl so he definitely did that for a r eason.

    • Obviously there's a reason

  • Or maybe he had to go to the bathroom?

    • No he looked pissed, packed up his stuff and literally walked out of class. I was like... what..

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    • No he's actually a fairly social guy in terms of he joins a lot of clubs, has friends etc. Plus he's a good student.

      Makes it doubly weird that he'd walk out of class just because of me because he isn't totally silly to do that. But he did.

    • You never know it could have been due to something else. Maybe he got a text that upset him.

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