Is this a Real Email or Scammer?

Your mailbox has exceeded the quota warning threshold specified by your administrator.

As soon as your account exceeds the allowable storage space you will be unable to receive any email.

Current Usage: 12.44 MB

Quota Warning Threshold: 11.44 MB

Quota Size Limit: 14.06 MB

To resolve this issue and to avoid termination, Click Validate for more space by submitting the requested information.

Mail Help Desk.

the email address was monica. weissmann@manulifesecurities. ca

the link from "validate" went to


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  • Looks dodgy to me - Google your email provider for contact details and message a copy of mail you received asking them is this a true email?

  • Sounds like bullshit to me mate.

    • can emails have a limit though? never known. i send out A LOT of emails

    • They don't have a limit

    • ok thanks

  • most likely a scam, what email provider are you using?