Are there any Mormons here?

So let get this! you have a guy that you call ''A PROPHET'' that claim's GOD choosed them to spred ''THE TRUTH'' and you want people to join your religion and talk about your ''PROPHET'' and the truth.
So the middle eastern christians are fake ones? Those who still speaks Juses's original language (Aramic) and step over all their history and belifes.
Can you explain what makes ''THE TRUTH'' in mormons?


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  • If there are, then please see the broadway musical or listen to the soundtrack of The Book Of Mormon. Amazing musical!


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  • in any religion, the word "truth" is used very loosely indeed

    • Yes! I do understand. In this case their ''truth'' as christians is better than the real truth it self. If you have a religion already and someone comes to asks you to join theirs (which is originally a part of your religion) and steps over your beliefs. What would you call that?
      I have no idea what to call it.

      Thanks for the openion

    • when one considers joining any religion, regardless of one's background, i would call that idiocy

    • Sounds fair o me.